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Guest Clinician

As an operatic tenor who teaches primarily musical theater, I am often asked how I navigate the worlds of contemporary and classical voice technique. For a long time, my answer was simple:  I sing classically, most of my students sing contemporary. A few years ago, I no longer felt like that answer was satisfactory and I started exploring contemporary voice techniques formally with colleagues in New York City who teach many of the best singers on Broadway. This deep dive has had a profound impact on my pedagogy and understanding of my own voice.



Since 2018, I have had the opportunity to offer three different services a la carte or as a bundle to Universities and private voice institutions:  a genre-crossing concert that goes from classical vocal literature to contemporary musical theater, a master class with classical and/or musical theater singers, and a lecture focusing on the considerations of teaching musical theater and contemporary singing voice techniques. So far, I have presented a combination of these services for the University of North Georgia, the Stilson Institute in New York City, Georgia College and State University, the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, The Performers Career Center in Manhattan, The Festival of Singing presented by the New Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, and the Westminster Voice Pedagogy Institute at Rider University, among others. 


I would love to speak with you about offering one, all, or a combination of these services at your University or private institution. 

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