Voice Teacher

Rider University

Jon serves as a member of the voice faculty for RIder University's Musical Theatre department. 

The Musical Theatre department of RIder University is part of the Westminster College of the Arts. He teaches voice to Master of Voice Pedagogy students at Westminster Choir College. This summer Jon will join the Voice Faculty for Rider's Musical Theatre Institute for Highschool students.


The Voice Pedagogy Institute at Westminster Choir College 

Jon has been the Assistant Director of Westminster's Voice Pedagogy Institute for four years. He serves as a faculty member teaching Musical Theatre Techniques and has helped bring prominent voice pedagogues from around the world to the Institute.  The Voice Pedagogy Institute is a focused, intensive program for singers, voice teachers, coaches, and other professional voice users who wish to become better teachers. For more information, visit: https://www.rider.edu/academics/colleges-schools/westminster-college-of-the-arts/westminster-continuing-education/summer-seminars/voice-pedagogy-institute

Marymount Manhattan College

Jon also serves as a private voice faculty member at Marymount Manhattan College's Musical Theatre Department. Graduates of this program have gone on to some of the most prestigious careers in the musical theater industry.

Performer's Career Center

Jon is the current Director of Voice and Senior Faculty Member of the Performer's Career Center in New York City's SoHo neighborhood. Current students are professional and aspiring professional singers in Contemporary Commercial Music, Musical Theater, and Classical vocal styles.

For more information, visit the PCC website:  vocalstudios.com 

President, New Jersey NATS

Jonathan serves as President of the New Jersey chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

A Note From Jon

The foundation of good singing in every style, from classical to rock, remains the same:  good function.  I help students work on their breathing, body alignment, development of tone, and reduction of tension.  In lessons, I apply these technique fundamentals to whatever style of music the student is interested in.  For students interested in studying classically, I work to develop a cultured sound, grounded in balanced function and blended registration.  For students who prefer to study Contemporary Commercial Music techniques, I am comfortable teaching all professional styles, including "legit", a CT dominant mix (head mix), a TA dominant mix (chest mix), and belt as part of an integrated, functional technique.